Train River

Train River opens the heart, mind, and soul to the essence of music at its core. Chillingly honest and raw, audiences are left exposed and enlightened. Don’t miss this band live.


Darren Block has been hailed as one of the great (undiscovered) songwriters of his time. His songs collapse generational and social boundaries with an unbridled personal intensity that takes the genre of singer/songwriter to a transcendent level. .... Nuff said.


Chris Caccamise, drummer, guitarist and musical genius in his own right, Chris provides an innate musical prowess that is unrivaled. Stepping behind the kit to provide ridiculous beats, Chris is a true artist.  More cowbell!


And let’s not leave the Agtang hangin’. Will Agtang is nothing short of a prodigy. Will carried gear for the band from the age of twelve, and seemingly infused the Train River set into his soul. Now at the ripe old age of twenty, Will unleashes Bass-morphic mayhem on stage. Born suckling at the teat of greats like Geddy Lee, Will’s future will be sealed as one of the four-strung wonders of the world.



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